As only a few days remained in the month of March, another opportunity to meet another inspiring and captivating individual rose as a Disability Public Awareness Officer, Richard Alcorn, arrived at Crana College to explain clearly to the students, what having a disability really means and how to properly treat those who have a disability, with respect.


As Richard Alcorn has experienced what it is like to live with a disability, he explained clearly what not to do and what you can do when wanting to help another individual. Richard also informed us on some experiences on how he was treated that had happened to him in the past, which were quite shocking.

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Although there is some people who bring a lot of negativity to this subject, there are others such as Richard who bring a joyful atmosphere to it. The Donegal manager Rory Gallagher and the captain Michael Murphy also have a great influence in supporting equal rights for people with disabilities, as shown in the video below.

By describing the job of a PA and the work of DCIL, students learn that people with disabilities can be independent, control their own lives and take their own decisions, given the correct help and support. This was a very important lesson as hopefully we will be more careful and think more as we put each other in the shoes of others.


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