As the second week of March drew closer, the Transition Year students began a new project in their English module. The specified task that the students were informed to complete was to create a children’s book, which held a strong core message for the reader, mainly ages five or older, whether it be how to react and manage if being bullied or to simply influence the child to eat their vegetables at dinner.

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At first, the students were divided up into separate groups, each with either one or more illustrator, this being essential as children pay more attention to images within most books rather than the writing.




We spent the first week constructing a summary of what the main story was about, and who the key characters were. These being an shy elephant, called Eva, who begins school for the first time and eventually becomes friends with a turtle and a panda.

Creating these books is a great opportunity for any student as it is a pleasant memory to look back on, be proud of and hopefully make a child smile whilst they enjoy the book.


A copy of the books will be given to the creators (students) and a batch of each will be delivered out to local primary schools in the area to amuse the younger students.

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