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Sliabh Sneacht Community Centre

Since my last completion of my art module in my portfolio, I have made and completed a junk kouture dress which consisted of recycled cupcake cases, music note sheets and recycled clothing.


After we had completed the Junk Kouture project, we began to work on another project for the Laurentic. In order to begin this task, we arranged to travel to the Sliabh Sneacht community center. We met with a woman who was helping us create our work for the Laurentic who was called Bernie.

The week before we were meant to travel to the Community Centre, each student thought of an idea on how to remember the Laurentic but in an artistic way. My idea was to put names of all the people who died aboard the ship, along with their date of birth, inside a poppy, for remembrance.

On the day we arrived, we were split around the classroom each assigned a specific task.

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Mine was to sew strands of wool together to make an oceanic effect. By the end of the day, i had a few sewn which would then be placed onto a larger sized picture to create a beautiful view of the SS Laurentic.


Junk Kouture 

On the 27th of January, Transition Year Art students of Crana college will be participating in a fashion show which consists of recycled dresses and other fashion from secondary schools all over Ireland and Scotland.


The students who complete their fashion projects within the deadline will then have the judges choose between their design and all of the submitted designs down to just 80 per region – north, south, east and west.

The successful designs will be announced on the 14th of February and then the students must choreograph a performance to showcase their outfit on the catwalk in one of five regional semi-finals held in theaters across the country.

The chosen model has 90 seconds to impress the judging panel on the catwalk and if successful he/ she will be one of the twenty designs progressing to the glamorous grand final in April 2017 held in the 3 Arena Dublin.

For the competition, myself and two other students, have been creating an angel styled theme, using recycled music note sheets, dyed in coffee to add a stained effect, cut and shaped into a specific shape, and glued together to create two wings.

For the top, we glued many bun cases together and got a flared skirt from a second hand shop for the bottom, each colour from every item of clothing blending well together.
More information about Junk Kouture can be found here:

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