On Monday the 12th of December, myself and three other students were chosen to be a School Digital Champion, this meant that we have to attend our first Digital Champion trip, in Dublin meaning we had an early start at 5.00 am.

When we arrived at the destination, the Digital Leaders training commenced with Mobile Journalism (MoJo) which was presented by Eleanor Mannion from RTÉ.



After the MoJo training, we were broken up into groups to attend one each of the three workshops that were running throughout the morning and again in the afternoon.

●Video Editing (Michael McNamara and Sinéad O’Sullivan, PDST)

● Coding and App Design (Neil Keane LERO)

● Web Design (Steve Holmes)

Throughout the day we discovered and were told about various free apps such as the following:

Spark VideoQuikStop Motion – Over

VideoScribeSlo Mo Video PicsPlayPost

I chose to attend the Video Editing and Web Design presentations. Within these classes, I learned how to improved my video recording skills, such as editing a video professionally and which perspective to use whilst recording in different situations e.g. in an interview.


In the Web Design lecture, we were taught how to create a basic website from a simple app. We also learned a more detailed insight on HTML, JavaScript and JPG.

I enjoyed learning about this as it is a unique subject to learn and hopefully it will help me with my future School Digital Champion projects.