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The Laurentic

Since the end of 2016, crana college students have been working on certain Laurentic projects during their classes to celebrate its 100th anniversary for 2017.

The classes were divided up into groups to work on a project of their own, some of these projects included a map which indicated the places that the Laurentic ship traveled.

On Wednesday the 18th of January, Transition Year and 5th Year students gathered near Buncrana shore front to organise themselves to form the shape of the word ‘Laurentic’.

The following week, relatives of those who were aboard the Laurentic ship, from around the world, Canada and Ireland, arrived at Crana College on Friday to see the work done by the students.

The next day, Saturday the 28th, Crana College students laid wreaths at Fahan and Cockhill for the Laurentic Centenary Service in remembrance for the passengers.

Then finally, on Sunday, the students got a chance to aboard the Samuel Beckett, an Irish Navy ship which sailed out to the wreckage site of the SS Laurentic, where wreaths were placed as remembrance. All the effort done to remember those lost and discover more about them, as well as finding the Laurentic’s final passengers relatives was clearly worth the work-filled months and was a once in a lifetime experience!


Transition Year Reflection

On the 31st of August 2016, I began my jourmey through transition year. I knew little about the subjects available in TY, and the many oppportunities given throughout the year. As I began TY, my initial thoughts were mostly concerned about whether or not I would get on well with my new class mates and would I put in the necessary effort for the activities.

As the months flew by, I realised that none of these questions were a problem. I was able to make new friends, as well as boosting my friendship with previous students and I put the most effort into each of my subjects, leading to my abilitys in certain areas to grow stronger – such as my computing skills in media studies.

I am almost halfway through my Transition Year experience, and I am glad to say that it was the correct choice to make!

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