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Kilmainham Jail

Last Wednesday the 1st of January, Transition Year and 5th Year History class students visited Kilmainham Jail and Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin.

We learned about some important figures in our Irish history such as Daniel O’Connell, who is currently resting inside the crypt in the bottom of a round tower, which can be seen from afar in Glasnevin Cemetery, as well as seeing some rather old and interesting architecture.

After about an hour of touring the Cemetery, we moved onto Kilmainham Jail, another historic piece of Ireland’s history.

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In this building, we learned about the stories relating to the prisoners who were living in certain cells, as well as Kilmainham Jail being the film location of the movie ‘Michael Collins’ in which the Irish actor, Liam Neeson portrays the character.

Overall, it was an enjoyable trip as well as educational and I never knew that one place could hold so much history!


Trailer of ‘Michael Collins’ in which the actor Liam Neeson acts:


Surfing πŸ„ and Swimming πŸŠβ€β™€οΈΒ 

Last week, the Transition Years travelled to Culdalf to go surfing.
They spent the day floating through the waves, balancing on the boards and for some but not all, plunging into the water.

This was a great days exercise for all of the students, and the great weather was an added bonus for them.

After the surfing activity was completed, the worn out students gathered around a small fire and roasted some marshmallows which made a great ending to the trip.

Ireland vs. Georgia

On Thursday the 6th of October, 5th and TY students from Crana College, travelled down to the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, to watch their country, Ireland, play a match of football against Georgia.

For some of the students, it was their first experience in the Aviva stadium in Dublin, which proved to be an extra advantage as Ireland came out the winning team.

Every student on the bus got illuminous green face paint, dotted across their face to show their support for the Irish team.

Before the match, the students stopped in Blanchardstown to get something to eat.

Overall, it was a fantastic night and was worth the long journey!

Giant’s Causeway

Today, Transition Years from Crana College, toured the Giant’s Causeway along the sea coast of the basalt cliffs in County Antrim.

For some students, this was a first experience, as well as an educational one.


The weather was great also, especially for Ireland an the Giant’s Causeway.

The students capturedΒ manyΒ photos in Antrim, as show below.

This trip was undertaken as the Transition Years and their Irish teacher, Mrs. McFadden, had been working on projects/slides in the past few weeks based on Fionn MacCumhaill.

The Giant’s Causeway’s history is established around Fionn MacCumhaill, a mythical Irish warrior.
The rocks located in the Giant’s Causeway, are made naturally and the formation along the coast consists of about 40,000 interlocking, hexagonal basalt columns.

Some of which, the columns are 39 feet tall, sloping down into the sea.

Fionn supposedly built the Causeway so that he could reach Scotland without getting his feet wet, as there is a similar rock formation 75 miles across the sea.

Enterprise Trip

On Monday the 26th of September 2016, the Transition Years of Crana College travelled to an Enterpise Presentation in the Inishowen Gateway Hotel. It took only a few minutes to walk from the school to the hotel and the good weather saved many of us from getting wet.

Once we arrived at the hotel, we entered the main hall, where there was tables set up neatly, they each had a little fruit bowel in the centre. There was students from many different schools there. After a while of talking and small activities, the students received a light snack and a break. Once the break was over, the presentation continued and the talking began, from the presenter. 

We were given a small activity booklet to take home with us to help improve and understand more about what having and creating a business is really like.

The Transition Years arrived back at school at around 1:05 pm, they went for lunch and walked back to the school on time for class as usual.

T.Y. Expo: Kildare, Ireland.

On Monday last, 12th of September, the Transition Year class of 2016/17, traveled down to Kildare in order to attend a Transition Year Expo. They had to be in school atΒ 5.30am.

Some of the T.Y. students brought a pillow, a blanket or even a onesie as they found it difficult to get up at this time.

We stopped at a petrol station shop, halfway through our travelling distance to get a small snack for breakfast.

Then, at around 10am, we arrived in Kildare. As we walked in the entrance of the T.Y.’s Expo building, we were greeted and given a small bag, to fill up with free goodies that could be found in many different stalls inside the building, these included leaflets and colourful wristbands.

At 11am, the Transition Year group gathered together in a room at the back of the building as well as some students from other schools as we watched a presentation composed by Darragh Harkin, a former T.Y. student of Crana College.

When the presentation was complete, we were on the coach once again and traveled to a shopping centre, not far from where the TY Expo had taken place. The group bought some food and other treats for themselves.

After spending a few hours there, we got on the coach for one last time and set off to home, back to Donegal. Almost nine hours spent travelling down the country was ended as we arrived in Buncrana at approximately quarter past seven pm.

It was an enjoyable journey overall.

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