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Dance Drama Winners

For my drama module I have been spending the past 27 school weeks preparing for the Dance Drama competition final which our music teacher Mrs. Keogh has entered us in at the beginning of the Transition Year semester.

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Each Monday that we would arrive in school, for our first two subjects of the day – Drama, I would practice and act with my Transition Year classmates and my teacher.

Working together to improve the stage effects and small additions in the play, for example – lightning effects, projector images, music etc.

My role on the drama was one of Grace O’Malley’s three children. Grace O’Malleys character was portrayed by Aine O’Riordan, and her husband (Dónal an Chogaidh) was played by Lee Carey who are both transition year students.

On certain Tuesday’s we would come into school and during our lunch time to practice and prepare for the Dance Drama. After weeks of practicing, and getting through to the finals in Briery Gap, the group, with the help of Mrs. Keogh, they came in first place in the end.

The night ended by celebrating at McDonald’s (the usual tradition of TY trips!) and filled excitement from the days events and the others to unfold.


Drink and Driving

During our Road Safety class we were given the task of creating a leaflet, highlighting the effects of drink driving and warning young drivers not to be consuming any alcohol whilst or before they drive.


Each student created a leaflet, which included facts and images that warned the dangers of drink driving. As the leaflets were created by the students, it may help the pupils who read them easier to understand as it will be made more clearer to read and highlight the most important facts.


The making of this project will also help the Transition Years with their Driving Theory test, as it is one of the key topics found in the driving theory exams and will help us to remember some important facts.


Drink Driving is one of the biggest factors leading to road crashes in Ireland. Even though this is a widespread topic when it comes to Car Rules, a lot of the population still don’t listen to the warnings and thus cause fatal crashes which lead to death.

A sample of the leaflet that I have created is attached below and can be printed if wanted.

Stop and think, don’t drink!

Kilmainham Jail

Last Wednesday the 1st of January, Transition Year and 5th Year History class students visited Kilmainham Jail and Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin.

We learned about some important figures in our Irish history such as Daniel O’Connell, who is currently resting inside the crypt in the bottom of a round tower, which can be seen from afar in Glasnevin Cemetery, as well as seeing some rather old and interesting architecture.

After about an hour of touring the Cemetery, we moved onto Kilmainham Jail, another historic piece of Ireland’s history.

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In this building, we learned about the stories relating to the prisoners who were living in certain cells, as well as Kilmainham Jail being the film location of the movie ‘Michael Collins’ in which the Irish actor, Liam Neeson portrays the character.

Overall, it was an enjoyable trip as well as educational and I never knew that one place could hold so much history!


Trailer of ‘Michael Collins’ in which the actor Liam Neeson acts:

Junk Kouture 

On the 27th of January, Transition Year Art students of Crana college will be participating in a fashion show which consists of recycled dresses and other fashion from secondary schools all over Ireland and Scotland.


The students who complete their fashion projects within the deadline will then have the judges choose between their design and all of the submitted designs down to just 80 per region – north, south, east and west.

The successful designs will be announced on the 14th of February and then the students must choreograph a performance to showcase their outfit on the catwalk in one of five regional semi-finals held in theaters across the country.

The chosen model has 90 seconds to impress the judging panel on the catwalk and if successful he/ she will be one of the twenty designs progressing to the glamorous grand final in April 2017 held in the 3 Arena Dublin.

For the competition, myself and two other students, have been creating an angel styled theme, using recycled music note sheets, dyed in coffee to add a stained effect, cut and shaped into a specific shape, and glued together to create two wings.

For the top, we glued many bun cases together and got a flared skirt from a second hand shop for the bottom, each colour from every item of clothing blending well together.
More information about Junk Kouture can be found here:

The Laurentic

Since the end of 2016, crana college students have been working on certain Laurentic projects during their classes to celebrate its 100th anniversary for 2017.

The classes were divided up into groups to work on a project of their own, some of these projects included a map which indicated the places that the Laurentic ship traveled.

On Wednesday the 18th of January, Transition Year and 5th Year students gathered near Buncrana shore front to organise themselves to form the shape of the word ‘Laurentic’.

The following week, relatives of those who were aboard the Laurentic ship, from around the world, Canada and Ireland, arrived at Crana College on Friday to see the work done by the students.

The next day, Saturday the 28th, Crana College students laid wreaths at Fahan and Cockhill for the Laurentic Centenary Service in remembrance for the passengers.

Then finally, on Sunday, the students got a chance to aboard the Samuel Beckett, an Irish Navy ship which sailed out to the wreckage site of the SS Laurentic, where wreaths were placed as remembrance. All the effort done to remember those lost and discover more about them, as well as finding the Laurentic’s final passengers relatives was clearly worth the work-filled months and was a once in a lifetime experience!

Building a better Buncrana

As part of our Woodwork module during Transition Year, students are giving the chance to get a small experience in the architecture section. They are given the task to design something for their local town, to help improve the community.

When the students begin the task, they are given a small blue book, to keep details and sketches of their project.

This is a great activity as it helps the students to learn about a certain topic, which usually isn’t tought to exam year students and also helps solve problems and interact with the community outside the school.

The project helps your teamwork skills, innovation and design skills whilst also allowing students to use their drawing, photography, writing and designing skills.

This project is by the Irish Architecture Foundation.

School Digital Champion

On Monday the 12th of December, myself and three other students were chosen to be a School Digital Champion, this meant that we have to attend our first Digital Champion trip, in Dublin meaning we had an early start at 5.00 am.

When we arrived at the destination, the Digital Leaders training commenced with Mobile Journalism (MoJo) which was presented by Eleanor Mannion from RTÉ.



After the MoJo training, we were broken up into groups to attend one each of the three workshops that were running throughout the morning and again in the afternoon.

●Video Editing (Michael McNamara and Sinéad O’Sullivan, PDST)

● Coding and App Design (Neil Keane LERO)

● Web Design (Steve Holmes)

Throughout the day we discovered and were told about various free apps such as the following:

Spark VideoQuikStop Motion – Over

VideoScribeSlo Mo Video PicsPlayPost

I chose to attend the Video Editing and Web Design presentations. Within these classes, I learned how to improved my video recording skills, such as editing a video professionally and which perspective to use whilst recording in different situations e.g. in an interview.


In the Web Design lecture, we were taught how to create a basic website from a simple app. We also learned a more detailed insight on HTML, JavaScript and JPG.

I enjoyed learning about this as it is a unique subject to learn and hopefully it will help me with my future School Digital Champion projects.

Healthy Habits

For Home Economics on Monday the 5th of December, Crana College had a visitor during TY’s cookery class. In this lesson, the students measured accurately how much teaspoons of sugar are added to popular foods, which included Tomato Ketchup, Starbust’s sweets, a Capri Sun juice drink, and many other sought-after household foods.

Teaspoons of sugar were placed into glass containers, which had the amount of added sugars in each of the products, using the label of information found on the back of the food packets.

Also, if you notice words in the ingredients section end in ‘ose’ e.g. glucose, this means there is sugar present, even if it tells you its sugar free. If you would like to measure how much sugar is in the foods in your home, follow these simple steps:

  1. Look at the ingredients label, most commonly found at the back of your product.
  2. Identify the grams of sugar listed per serving, and convert this quantity into teaspoons.
  3. Then divide the grams by 4.

This will then show you how much added sugars we in your product. 


The Recommended Daily Amount for added sugars are 7 teaspoons. 

4 grams of sugar = 1 teaspoon

✨Christmas Market✨☃️

For our Enterprise study class, myself and two other students have been planning and developing our product for the Christmas market this Sunday.

Our product consists of festive home-decorated jars, filled with tasty treats for each customer to enjoy over their Christmas holiday, or as a Christmas Advent calendar snack.
The large jars will cost €4.50 each, and two adorable smaller jars for €6.00 a pack.

Our Christmas market will have other great products being sold along side ours, which will be sure to catch your eye. 

As well as the students products, there will be some entertainment, a cafe, a bouncy castle, and Santa will be with us and his elves! 🎅❄️

This joyful market will be held on Sunday the 11th of December at Crana College in the school gym from 1-3pm. Everyone welcome!

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